Battery energy storage to support diversification and resilience

Nedbank EEBI Seminar 5

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Six morning seminars, each covering critical energy, electricity and issues facing South Africa, are planned. The seminars each provide practical solutions that can unlock bottlenecks, mitigate risk and encourage investment, economic growth and job creation. The seminars each involve broad policy, regulatory, social, economic business, labour and community issues that are topical and relevant for the year ahead.

Seminar 5:

Battery energy storage to support diversification, renewable energy, grid services and resilience

Significant technology and price advances in battery energy storage (BES), driven by the huge battery volumes and economies of scale in the transportation and electric vehicle sectors, are presenting new opportunities for the application of BES in domestic, commercial, industrial and utility-scale power applications. These provide multiple revenue streams in areas such as standby power, back-up for variable renewable energy, unlocking grid bottle-necks, deferral of investments, arbitrage, frequency and voltage support, and other essential grid services. This seminar explores the growing role of BES in electricity grids today.

Date & Time

June 23, 2020

11:00 AM 4:00 PM Africa/Johannesburg

Nedbank Private Wealth

Nedbank 135 Rivonia Campus
135 Rivonia Road, Sandown
Sandton GT 2196
South Africa
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