Chris Yelland - services and expertise

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Business activities and services

Thought leadership and analysis
Research and writing assignments
Consulting and special assignments
Business intelligence for strategic decisions and planning
Corporate presentations and engagements
Media engagements and commentary 
Public and private speaking engagements
Communication strategy and implementation
Subscription-based information and analysis
Strategic event facilitation and management

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Areas of expertise 

Traditional power generation – coal, gas, diesel, nuclear, hydro power
Renewable energy generation – wind, solar PV, solar CSP, biogas, biomas
Flexible generation – gas, pumped storage, battery storage, fuel cells
Environmental sustainability,  coal policy and the just energy transition
Synthetic fuel and green synthetic fuel
Eskom financial, operational and environmental performance and sustainability
Eskom and electricity supply industry restructuring
Eskom and municipal electricity tariffs and price trajectory
Electricity policy, regulation and planning in South Africa
Electro-technical standards in South Africa
Electricity supply and demand, and loadshedding in South Africa
Communication strategy in the energy sector