Chris Yelland

Business activities and services

•  Thought leadership and analysis
•  Research and writing assignments
•  Consulting and special assignments
•  Business intelligence for strategic decisions and planning
•  Corporate presentations and engagements
•  Media engagements and commentary
•  Public and private speaking engagements
•  Communication strategy and implementation
•  Subscription-based information and analysis
•  Strategic event facilitation and management

Expertise: Energy and electricity

•  Traditional power generation – coal, gas, diesel, liquid fuels, nuclear, hydro power
•  Renewable energy generation – wind, solar PV, solar CSP, biogas, biomass, green hydrogen and other emerging technologies
•  lexible generation – gas-to-power, pumped storage, battery storage, green hydrogen and fuel cells
•  Self-generation, embedded generation, distributed generation, wheeling, trading and electricity market reform
•  Electricity supply and distribution industry restructuring
•  Environmental sustainability in the energy and electricity sectors
•  Just energy transition
•  Eskom and municipal financial, operational and environmental performance and sustainability
•  Eskom and electricity supply industry and electricity distribution industry restructuring in South Africa
•  Eskom and municipal tariffs and electricity price trajectory in South Africa
•  Energy and electricity policy, legislation, regulation and planning in South Africa
•  Electro-technical standards and specifications in South Africa
•  Electricity supply, demand, loadshedding and associated risks in Southern Africa
•  Communication strategy in the energy and electricity sectors